As a seasoned lawyer mom and certified life coach, 
my passion is to work with other lawyer moms to help them solve overwhelm at home and at work so that they can show up calm and confident in any situation.

My proven coaching method combines the litigation mindset I have fine-tuned over the last decade with the cutting edge coaching concepts I have mastered as a certified life coach.  This combination has completely helped me solve overwhelming feelings in my life and by doing that, I am now able to have the life I have always wanted.  The magic in my method is that you never have to change the other person or the situation that you think causes your overwhelm.  With my tools, you will be able to show up to any situation at work or at home calm and confident - no matter what.     

More good news is that, as a fellow lawyer, you already possess half of the skill set needed for our work together. All you have to do is work with me on the other half - the fun life coaching half - in order to get the magical combination that unlocks your access to being completely unruffled at work and at home.  


Even better, with this new combined skill set, you will be able to self-coach yourself long after our time together is done!  You will never become dependent on me for keeping up this new mindset skill.


Whether you’re struggling with overwhelm or struggling with a stressful coworker, boss, family member, or love interest, my coaching method will teach you the skills you need to show up feeling calm and confident so that you get the result you want....period. 

Imagine...for the rest of your life you will have a lawyer/coach mindset that will allow you to show up calm and confident in any overwhelming situations. It's totally possible.  I've done and want to show you how.  

If you want to learn my tools for showing up to any situation or stressful relationship totally unruffled, contact me for a free 45 minute consultation to get started!


Still not convinced? You could...

  • Learn how to combine your legal skill set of fact finding and storytelling with my simple mind management tool so that you can solve any overwhelming situation at work or at home.  

  • Learn how your brain works in order to then understand your thoughts, feelings and actions instead of judging them.

  • Learn how to diffuse any stressful relationship so that you can be confident and calm in any relationship without EVER having to change that person’s behavior.

  • Learn my "Art of Allowing" method and how this concept can quickly condition your mind and body to feel good REGARDLESS of how someone else is behaving or how overwhelming a situation may feel in the moment.  

  • Learn my "Art of Unconditional Forgiveness" technique and how to apply it to yourself and all of your relationships - even the "bad" ones - in order to feel more joy and connection with everyone in your life.

  • Learn my "Art of Belonging" tool that allows you to generate the feeling of connection with ANYONE in your life - even those people in your life that may not have the emotional capability to connect with you.

  • Learn how to set and enforce emotional boundaries with others - without having to control the other person's behavior - and how my method for boundary setting actually INCREASES your loving connection to that person AND yourself. 

  • Learn how to easily handle all of the difficult emotions that come up in at work and at home, including overwhelm, anxiety, stress, worry, guilt, resentment and frustration so that you don’t create any additional suffering in your life.

  • Learn how to master the art of difficult conversations so that you can either move forward or complete certain relationships.

  • We can get to know each other better, then we'll dive right into your most immediate overwhelming situation or stressful relationship and I will give you access to an incredibly helpful tool that will help you see how you can transform this situation or relationship into what you want so that you can easily access the life you want and deserve. This is a great way to experience my coaching and learn how I help lawyer moms just like you!

  • ​If you are on board, great! If not, you have zero obligation or pressure to sign up for future sessions. 

  • I try to pack as much value as I can into this free consultation call, so take the first step in showing up for yourself and sign up today. 

  • Twelve (12) 45 minute sessions plus 1 bonus session

  • We meet on zoom, with or without video (up to you!)

  • You tell me what you would like coaching could be ANY type of overwhelming situation or stressful relationship...including the relationship with yourself, your spouse, your kids, your boss, your co-worker...even your relationship to food, alcohol, exercise, or money!  It doesn't matter!  My tools can help you with it all! 

  • We have a non-judgmental chat and I help you see what is holding you back from the results you want in that relationship or situation.

  • You learn my tools and how to apply them in your daily life in order to create and/or transform your life into the dream life you have always wanted.

  • You will ALWAYS come away with a motivating takeaway and a shift in perspective.

  • We will have LAUGH and have FUN! Life coaching is not as serious as you may think. 

Still have questions?

Coaching is the best and fastest way I know to redesign your mind. Therapy can be helpful, and meditation is great. But coaching is a direct line into the source of your entire experience of the world: your mind.

My job as a coach is to ask you really good questions – the kinds of questions you wouldn’t think to ask yourself, or that you’ve been afraid to face before. And the answers will change your life.