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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions (FAQs). This list can help you decide if billing coaching with me is a good fit. Anything you’re curious about but not on this list? Please email me directly.

How does life coaching help me with my billing? 


Coaching is the most of effective way to improve your relationship to yourself and others. When you transform your relationships everything in your life gets better. Life coaching can help you learn how to manage your thoughts which will effect your feelings that fuel your actions so you can bring about the results you want and desire in all your relationships.  

What is a coaching session like?

Sessions are 45 minutes and held by Zoom. You do not need to prepare in any way. I design each session for each of my individual clients. My clients tell me that coaching feels like a natural conversation. I believe that my clients have incredible insights, and coaching is the way to help them find exactly what they believe, want, and what they want to do.

How many sessions does it take to see change / feel better?

My clients work with me for a minimum of 6 weeks. It’s common that we are working through years of thought patterns. That said, my clients tell me that they started feeling better after our first free mini-session. Working with a coach is a powerful experience.

Do you work with a coach?

Yes, every week! While I am trained in the art of coaching myself, it helps to work through both opportunities and problems with a trained coach. They are able to help me see things that were in my “blind spots.”

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