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Bill More of Your Time Today Master Course


Join this Bill More of You Time Today - 6 Week Master Course and you will learn everything you need to know in order to create, capture and count more of your billable time as you go, every work day with confidence and in integrity. In this course, come and learn how you can develop a billing mindset that will have you meeting and even exceeding your billable hour requirements, have you carving out more time for yourself and your family, and becoming a way better attorney - guaranteed. This course is broken up into 6 - 45 minute modules: Module 1: Billing Beliefs Basics Module 2: Capturing and Claiming More of Your Billable Time Module 3: Never Discount Your Billable Time Again Module 4: Never Avoid Your Billing Again Module 5: 5 Secrets to Contemporaneous Timekeeping Module 6. Unblock Your Billing Wins




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