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Meet Molly 

My Billing Story

So amazing to meet you! I can't wait to help you become that future version of you that effortlessly captures and counts more of your billable time every day.


The version of you that has met and even exceeded your billable hour requirements, has more time for yourself and your family, and is already a better and happier attorney.  


Like you, I have been litigating cases for a while - for me well over a decade.  And like you, I have also been frustratingly required to bill for my time litigating these cases.  

I am all too familiar with the extra layers of stress, worry, dread, and shame that this requirement comes with.

The time-sucking phrase “you can’t bill for billing” and the attitude that “billing sucks” was (and still is!) common among my legal peers and even heard throughout the partner ranks.  


I remember like it was yesterday when my first boss told me that billing was like a “ball and chain” that all attorneys had to lug around throughout their legal careers.  


And you know what?  It seemed like he was right. 

As my career progressed, I had daily billable time deadlines, monthly billable hour requirements, and ever-changing client billing guidelines to strictly adhere to. 


All the while not being able to bill for billing.  Yep…billing did indeed “suck,” and I sucked at it. 


Although I managed to get my time in by the firm’s billing deadlines and somehow met my yearly billable hour requirements,

I still felt the bondage of having to bill and resented doing it daily.  


Fast forward to 2021, when I started to apply what I had learned over my many years of self-help study (I have a BA in Philosophy from USC and over 20 years as a self-help enthusiast) and what I learned through my life coaching certification program to help solve ALL of my billing problems.   


Underbilling my time? Solved.


Forgetting to bill my time? Solved.  


Non-billable buffering? Yep…solved.


Procrastinating my billing? Permanently solved.   


And because I finally solved for all of my billing problems, I never again felt the temptation to try to solve for “not enough billed time” with overbilling or padding my billing.  Once again…another problem solved.  


And now, I can’t wait for YOU to solve all of your seemingly unsolvable billing problems.  


Are you ready to master the billable art of contemporaneous timekeeping?


Join me and those who have jumped off the billing struggle bus…for good!


Sign-up for my 6-Week Billing Mastery Course.

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